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January 29, 2011 / jonnyslap

Ginger-Wannabe Khloe Kardashian Speaks About Red Hair, World Responds… Who?

So Khloe says “Hi dolls. I was just looking at pics of me with my red hair and I got kind of sad LOL. It was such a fun, new look for me– I really miss it!!!! So I figured I would do a little gallery devoted to my short-lived redhead look!!”

WTF man! Who are these people!??! Being a Ginger is a not a fun, new look… being Ginger is a God-given privilege! That’s why it starts with G! Take your KK asses back to… to… Hell! Where did these people come from?!

Anyways. Check back for more Ginger Entertainment News.

January 12, 2011 / jonnyslap

Backwards? Natalie Portman Goes Ugly Then Gets Pregnant

January 11, 2011 / jonnyslap

Ginger-Americans Rejoice! AMC Confirms Mad Men Season 5!

Words…words… ah yes, I have some right here!

For those who are uninitiated… Mad Men is an awesome show following the exploits of some advertising execs and secretaries on Madison Avenue during the 60’s. Don Draper is the ultimate man and the show chronicles his unabashed awesomeness. His only downfalls are his excessive drinking and his brown hair. 

AMC paid for some incredible super-high production value and Mad Men returns the favor like ginger-fire. Plus….JOAN!!!!

Do yourself a favor and watch a couple episodes. I guarantee you’ll be hooked after two!

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January 11, 2011 / jonnyslap

All Ginger-Americans Think Angelina Jolie Is Hotter Than Kristen Stewart

Once again, the Ginger-American community finds itself at odds with the lame-stream. People’s Choice Award goes to Kristen Stewart (Twilight) instead of the hottest woman on the planet…. Angelina Jolie (Salt, The Tourist) and her incredible big lips. I mean, she’s got nude-creds! She was fantastic when her character was nekkid in Gia.